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Building better leaders.
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At the heart of every meaningful change is the human element. From conception to the birth of an idea, to its implementation, growth, and maturity are people. Let us help solve the people problems that limit the realization of potential.

Become greater... as a leader, as a team member, and as a human.

We All Have Potential

Each individual, team and organization has untapped potential. It is trapped in the inability to have difficult conversations, address conflict, communicate effectively and manage one's emotions through the barrage of changes and challenges we face in business. Equip your leaders, teams and organizations with the tools, abilities, and mindset to unlock potential.

The Accelus Advantage

Build a High Functioning Organization with Accelus

What gets attention is what is not working, and rightfully so. However, no problem is ever solved by a focus on the problem. A solution-focused culture yields far more opportunities for productive change. We equip your leaders with self-awareness and others' awareness to effectively engage all stakeholders, recognize interdependencies and systemic effects, and move the organization and its people forward.


Executive coaches provide an individualized process for a leader to grow into their potential, increasing personal and business performance. The coaching relationship is intimate and trusting, providing a space for the executive to be challenged and supported in the growth process.

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Team coaching provides a process for a group of people to grow into their potential together, increasing interpersonal and business performance. Beyond team building, it provides a framework for growth, addresses interpersonal dynamics, and aligns the team to deliver on the organization's strategy.

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Group leadership development provides a process for a group of people from across an organization to grow as leaders, learning with and from each other. The different workstyles inherent in a group provide the opportunity to apply and practice leadership skills in a safe environment while also building cross organizational connections.

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Birkman Discovery

The process of leading requires leading yourself first, and that requires that you know and understand what motivates you, your strengths, what you need, and how you may respond when stressed.

The Birkman Assessment provides that insight. One tool, three measures, multiple applications, deeper insights.

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Accelus' speeches teach audiences how to leverage strengths, communication styles, client relations, and marketing to make working together a rewarding, successful experience.

Keynotes are tailored to your organization's objectives, imparting actionable steps to take your business to the next level.

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