The Accelus Advantage

People Grow When They Nurture Their Talents

We believe that growth comes from within; every person is gifted with natural talents that can be nourished and cultivated into strengths. Yet in life, people often focus on “fixing” their weaknesses, resulting in merely average performance. When you nurture your natural talents, they turn into strengths you can use to achieve greatness.

Teams Grow When They Experience Strengths in Action

What happens in real-life and real-time makes or breaks our commitment to our team and to our growth. Knowing strengths is not enough. Real world application, the experience of the cross-fire of strengths and the resulting outcome is where growth happens.

Growth Happens One Great Interaction at a Time

Growth can only happen when we experience the convergence of strengths in day-to-day interactions. When we see the magic of what we can do, we want to do more and be more. We become unstoppable and that is how we Become greater.

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Barbara Stewart

Welcome to Accelus! I am Barbara Stewart and I focus on high-achievers and the accelerants that propel them forward.
Building on what is already good in a business, I guide leaders and team members in unleashing the talents already present. My experience and know-how come from serving business leaders and owners as a financial and business advisor and growing three businesses from the ground up.

I had the unique opportunity to grow the first business in Tokyo, Japan, a highly competitive environment where I carved a niche working with U.S. expatriates in financial services. Over the next 15 years, I worked with C-Suite executives, business owners and professional athletes helping them navigate complex business and investment decisions.

While helping these other high achievers accelerate performance, I noticed that many people knew their strengths, yet did not take advantage of what they already had in new ways. That’s how a new mission was born and I connected with the strengths movement spawned by the books Now Discover Your Strengths and StrengthsFinder 2.0.

A popular speaker in financial and professional circles, I use my strengths in new ways and help other high achievers do the same. When not working with clients and their teams, I unwind by training with my horse Usache or fishing the saltwater bays with my husband Ed.