Impact: The Ripple Effect

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“What I thought was a weakness is actually a strength and I can build on it.”

A pebble dropped in a pond ripples across the entire surface.  But where the pebble is dropped is the deepest and most profound impact.  When strengths are the pebble, the impact is deepest with each individual that discovers their unique talents.

How would your life change if you discovered what you thought was a weakness was actually a strength?  Consider the ramifications of that and the impact of the ripple effect.  Strengths is not just changing the life of the one person who had that revelation but everyone around them.

“I learned how my strengths dictate the way in which I do my job and why many of my colleagues have very different styles from mine based on their strengths.”

What would you give to know why you do the things you do?  How would knowing that allow you to move forward more quickly?  Might you stop second guessing and casting an overcritical eye at all your actions?  How much could your work life improve if you knew why and how your colleagues are different?

“I learned that each individual’s strength can be utilized to make a team successful and strong. Also, to personally focus on my strengths and the positive things I can contribute rather the things that are hard for me to do.”

The starting point may seem small but the effect can be far reaching, just like the ripple from that pebble that leaves no surface area of the pond untouched.

The above quotes are from clients who have discovered their strengths and applied them in their own lives.  The ripple effect is immediate, impactful and can produce real world results for you and your organization.  Let’s talk about the ripple effect you want to create.  713-705-3815 or

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