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Birkman Assesment

The process of leading requires leading yourself first, and that requires that you know and understand what motivates you, your strengths, what you need and how you may respond when stressed. The Birkman assessment provides that insight. 

One tool, 3 measures

Measures 3 key perspectives relative to workplace performance:
Motivation – what interests a person can drive greater engagement and enjoyment. Other activities have the opposite effect and drain energy resulting in fatigue.

Self-Perception – how we view ourselves drives much of our behavior. It can also be a result of what has made us successful thus far. Understanding this provides information on how we approach tasks, manage relationships and contribute.

Usual Behavior
Social Perception – is how we evaluate an environment or situation and our comfort in it. This is an internal state, not always apparent to others. Knowing how we might react allows us to manage changing or unexpected situations more appropriately and mitigate stress reactions.
Needs & Stress

One tool, multiple applications

Succession Planning
Hiring & Selection

One tool, deeper insights

Organizational fit

Relationship derailers

And more...

Approach Matters

Assessment discussions led by a coach, provide greater impact whether to individuals, groups or teams. Rather than "telling" or analyzing results, a coach provides an exploratory approach allowing the client to discover what is true for them. Never prescriptive, the coach provides the opportunity for greater self-awareness. That in turn opens the possibility for change and change that is embraced as it results from the client's own discovery and choice.

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