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Client Success Story: RISK Inc.

Discovering a Framework for Communicating Effectively


Results | Testimonial Image of Janet

I have worked with Barbara in both team and smaller three person management coaching sessions now. She is a not only a fantastic presenter, she is an excellent coach and outstanding facilitator who knows the questions to ask to help you move in the direction you want to go. She has helped me see more clearly how to use my strengths to work with the strengths of my team so each person is able to operate on a higher level.

Janet Benaquisto

Barbara is amazing in her delivery and understanding of the content. She provides valuable insight as well as creative ideas that helped to stir the pot and get the ball rolling in one of the most productive team meetings I have ever been a part of. Thanks, Barbara!

Lawrence Murata
Results | Testimonial Image of Leah

From our first conversation, I knew that Barbara was the right person to provide me coaching as I entered an executive level position in government. What I came to learn over months of working with her, is that Barbara is as kind and generous as she is smart and motivating. Barbara is able to help one build a grand vision, and where others might see barriers, she helps you find opportunities.

The strengths based coaching model has changed the way I work and interact with the world. When I prioritize tasks or make hiring decisions, I am thinking about how to best maximize my strengths and best build around the strengths of my team. In my work, I encourage justice leaders to take a strategic, data-driven approach to policy and practice. The Gallup Strengths Model is built on massive amounts of qualitative data, and that is the reason I chose to work with a certified strengths coach — data-driven leadership to support data-driven justice.

One of my core strengths, I have learned, is Ideation. I apply this strength in working toward a vision of government that is the very best of human enterprise — entrepreneurial, innovative, and nimble. I am grateful to have Barbara as a friend and mentor on this journey. And I hope we find many ways to work together, bringing the strengths model into the government space to adopt the kinds of practices used by the most successful global innovators.

Leah Garabedian, Chief Criminal Justice Strategist, Harris County
Results | Testimonial Image of Adam

I initially engaged Barbara to help me grow my client base, but what I didn’t realize, was that I actually hired her to open up a Pandora’s Box of personal growth! She effectively guided me toward my goals through the awareness and utilization of my strengths, as well as being a resource and sounding board for everyone one of my new ventures to help me reach my goals. I’d be remiss without saying that discovering my strengths has crossed over into nearly all realms of my life. I 100% recommend Barbara as a coach.

Adam Frinsco, CFP®, CMT, The Advocates
Results | Testimonial Image of Bryan

Barbara is excellent at helping you achieve personal and professional goals. She is also very knowledgeable and provides guidance on tough decisions and poses questions you may not have thought about. I am very thankful to have worked with Barbara a few years ago and still bring it up from time to time with people on how she helped.

Bryan Silverstein, CPA,CIA

I have a much better understanding of what’s important to differing personality types and how to more effectively work with them at a detail level that is meaningful to them.

Communicating with Style Workshop Participant
Results | Testimonial Image of Yvonne

Barbara’s presentation style engaged the audience, allowing us to tailor the tools and tips she provided to our firm and individual needs. I accomplish more and have increased my billable hours!

Yvonne StricklinTax ManagerReimer, McGuinness & Associates
Results | Testimonial Image of Cole

We continually struggled with maintaining the appropriate mix of creative thinking and staying on task with our objectives during this time of planning. This challenge motivated us to search for someone who could lead a group of “strong minded leaders”. Barbara is this leader. She stepped in and helped guide us to our most successful retreat.

Cole Campbell, CFP®, ChFC, CLU, CASLPresidentHouston Financial Planning Association

The Strengths Finder training has provided insight to the deep rooted traits and characteristics of each team member. These traits can now be seen as positive contributions to the team’s success.  We are seen by each other with understanding eyes as opposed to judgements on our personalities.  

Manager & Strengths Workshop Participant

We were amazed at your ability to engage our group. Not only did they listen and participate, their smartphones were nowhere to be seen. The mix of conversation and activities kept them engaged, moving and learning.  

Alden & TimSalon on Kirby
Results | Testimonial Image of Terry

I hired Barbara to help me with my transition when I changed firms and It was one of the best business decisions that I made. She is extremely knowledgeable in the field of financial management and has the ability to share that knowledge for the benefit of her clients.

Terry MooneyhamWealth Planning AdvisorLincoln Financial Advisors
Results | Testimonial Image of Lisa

Barbara deftly guided me through my elaborate list of excuses to the core issue. I am still amazed at how quickly she coached me to my own “a-ha” moment!

Lisa SchwallerStrategic Initiatives | Change Management | Portfolio Management | PMO | Compliance | High-growth Environments
Results | Testimonial Image of Sasha

When I first met Barbara she was so easy to talk to and had very key thoughts and suggestions; I immediately wanted more! Her process is real and authentic; she gives whole-hearted thought to the next actionable steps to help you achieve your desired goals.

Sasha CrabtreyRemote COOYour Operations Resource
Results | Testimonial Image of Mark

Barbara helped me take a step back and look at the big picture. She challenged me to chase my dreams and to think differently about my path to the future. I cannot say enough to say how much Barbara helped me during our sessions.

Mark StaudtSenior Sales RepresentativeAssurant Employee Benefits, now part of Sun Life Financial
Results | Testimonial Image of Christy

Every resource, tip and accountability nudge Barbara provided has pointed my feet in the right direction for a future full of opportunity and true success. To date my earnings have exponentially increased, I feel more at peace with my life and the woman I am, and many dreams I’ve had for many years are coming true.

Christy StrattonCoach and Media Professional
Results | Testimonial Image of Chad

Since working with you I have greatly reduced my stress level, I have eliminated hassles, and have come to realize that I would rather have more time for myself and family than an extra dollar.  I have come to understand that I cannot be happy unless I am exactly who I want to be both in words and actions.

Chad Abbey, CLU ® ChFC ®Texas Advantage Insurance
Results | Testimonial Image of Ann

With each challenge I faced, growing my business and relocating my office, Barbara helped me focus on the IMPORTANT details. I am enjoying more referrals and spending time on the things I am most passionate about.

Ann Baker Ronn, LUTCFOwnerThe AFP Group
Results | Testimonial Image of Paul

Barbara’s most important contribution was to help me understand who my Ideal Client is. She focused my efforts on serving those clients who value my experience and expertise. She helped me realize my strengths and to have the confidence to apply them on a daily basis.

Paul M. Smith, IIIPrincipal Financial Group
Results | Testimonial Image of Naomi

I truly appreciate the “peace of mind” your process has brought me, and it is definitely one of the best things I’ve done for the business this year! I just signed on a new client so I have to add on to my client list; hooray!

Naomi ScrivenerBack Office Solutions, LLC
Results | Testimonial Image of Ray

Barbara helped me discover the target market that “made my heart sing.” If you are looking for a way to get focused and have a great accountability partner, I enthusiastically recommend you hire Barbara Stewart as your coaching partner.

Ray J Fernandez, Jr., CPA, CFP®, CLU®Certified Public Accountant and Financial Advisor

Working with you exceeded my expectations.  I hired you because I was unfulfilled professionally and wanted to do something about it.  You provided a fresh perspective and a holistic approach to achieving happiness, both professionally and personally.  The Clean Sweep is a great tool.  Thanks for the objectivity, challenging me to think outside of the box, and your genuine interest in my success. 

Vice President, Lending
Results | Testimonial Image of Mike

I was having difficulty thinking strategically about my future due to a multitude of unresolved issues. I gave little thought to how I wanted my life to be both now and in the future. Barbara helped me begin to think and operate in a different manner and to develop a clearer vision of my future.

Mike SkowronekOwnerStrata Business Consultants
Results | Testimonial Image of Linda

Barbara and I closed every call with specific management tools and “to do’s” to achieve the short and long-term goals. We made our deadline, created work that made us all proud, strengthened our team, and accomplished more than we ever thought possible.

Linda ShirkeyOwnerThe Advisor’s Resource, Inc.