Formula For Success

formula for success

Do you yearn for a formula for success?  A combination of elements that would make moving through your personal and professional life easier?  Have you found it in the articles and blogs promising the “7 Keys to Outperformance” or “Perfecting Balance in an Imperfect World?”  While enticing, most of us have discovered that these resources serve as helpful reminders or insightful ideas, yet they aren’t the solution we seek.  I would love to give you a formula for success, as that would mean that I have it figured out for myself. Instead it has taken me years to recognize that there is no prescribed formula for success.  It is up to me to define what success is and the journey toward it.

Early life plays a cruel trick as the education system doesn’t prepare any of us for the “It’s Up to You Game!”  Instead we are provided with what appears to be the formula for success.  Show up for class, do your homework, participate and play well with others and you will graduate.  Earn a degree, suit up and show up for work, put in some long hours and you will earn a gold watch and a nice pension.  As enticing as a formula (and the benefits) sounds, our world has changed and for the better.

We have far more choice than previous generations.  We have moved from an industrial and manufacturing economy to a service and knowledge-based economy.  There are careers and jobs in fields that were never imagined and that will continue as change continues at an ever-increasing pace.  How do we pull it all together?

We have far more choice than previous generations.

What I do know about the formula for success is that certain key elements are required: continual learning and surrounding yourself with others that share similar values but have divergent views and different experiences.  This reinforces learning and by sharing or defending your beliefs you come to know yourself.  Can I be one of the resources that feeds you in your success journey?  See if you agree with the following.

What I believe is:

  • That focusing on what is right with the world generates far greater results
  • That knowing and owning your natural strengths is your key to happiness and success
  • That work can be fun and fulfilling
  • That community is required
  • That it is up to you to figure it out
  • That you are not alone in your quest to pull it all together

Keep joining me here to discover your keys to success and define the journey that will take you there.  If you are interested in a personal approach contact me at 713-705-3815 or

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