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Last week I attended the FPA Houston Symposium and was delighted to listen to Michael Kitces, CFP® (he has many more initials I’ve omitted for brevity) speak on the future of the financial advice industry. Yes, technology will impact how we as an advisor serve our clients, removing barriers such as geography. What then becomes even more important is how we differentiate our service and the experience we deliver.

Early this week, I listened to a futurist speak at the Houston Coaches meeting, a gathering for those of us who coach. The futurist also spoke of the increasing role of technology, with the younger generation being naïve to what is at times foreign and awkward to us, the not-so-younger generation.

With the increase in the use and presence of technology, people will crave rich experiences.

We are humans, after all. While the futurist hinted at the possibility of combining technology within the human body, we will still have human needs for connection and experience; for feeling that we are listened to and understood; and that our unique needs and desires are factored into the advice and coaching that we seek. As financial advisors and coaches, our ability to listen, empathize and support our clients in their decision-making process is one of the most valuable aspects of our service that we provide. How well are you Serving It Up and what does your client experience?

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