A Book Review: The Energy Bus

energy bus

Curious to know more about the book that ranked #2 on the Wall Street Journal best seller list behind StrengthsFinder 2.0, I downloaded The Energy Bus on Audible.  Less than a week later I was ordering multiple hardback copies as holiday gifts.  What inspired and excited me about this book to want to share it with others?

Why do I recommend this great little book?  Because it visualizes possibility and potential and makes it accessible to you.  Either right in your lap as you read it or directly into your ears as the author reads it to you.  You won’t miss the power and promise that is available to you and thereby your family, friends and work team.  It is right there for you to grasp and make it your own.

Written in a story format, you’ll be hard-pressed to put down this book that takes you on a journey with a professional who is down and out on work, marriage and pretty much life in general.  A series of events conspires, as they always do, to force him into a situation and relationship with the potential to change his life.  What he learns through this journey on The Energy Bus are basic principles that can shape your life and work as well.

As with anything basic, the concepts are easy to understand.  Implementation is the challenge and therein lies the conundrum.  Will you learn anything you haven’t already heard before from this book?  Likely not.  Will you learn tactics to help you implement the concepts shared in the book?  Perhaps.  More importantly you’ll gain perspective from the two main characters on the bus as well as other “riders” sharing their experiences.

This is not a traditional book review.  I haven’t revealed the characters, the plot line or in general what the book is about.  You can go to Amazon for that.  As a reader of this blog I know you will be impacted by this book to one degree or another.  For those ready to activate on The Energy Bus and its principles, click here to request a coaching conversation.

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