Let It Shine


This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine.  Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.  Whoosh!  What happens between Sunday school where we first learn this song and where we are now?  Life.  And for many of us, that is exactly where we are now, our light snuffed out.

I sat with a young employee recently helping him understand his natural talents and strengths.  He had a good grip on what showed up for him easily and naturally.  Yet in the workplace he was restraining those gifts.  He didn’t think they would be appreciated.

This young man was closer than many to owning his strengths.  He was aware of his talents and how they showed up.  But the next step to owning his strengths was daunting.  That next step is self-expression.  While it is easy for others to see and appreciate our natural talents, the expression of those talents can be a challenge when we don’t appreciate them.  We may dismiss our talent or we may feel our talents are so different that we don’t let our light shine.

How do you master this next step of self-expression?  Every situation we face every day is a chance to apply those talents.  Fill in the scenarios below with your Top 5.

If one of my Top 5 is Empathy, how would I write this email?

If my Top 5 includes Deliberative, how can I use this in our next team meeting?

My department needs to work more closely with another department, how can I use my Includer?

We are starting a brand-new project, how can I use Activator to make sure we get a strong start?

We are starting a brand-new project, how can my Learner get me up to speed?

Our talents and strengths come so naturally to us that we are often not deliberate in making sure they are shining in the best and brightest light.  Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!

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