Those Darn Millennials


Those Darn Millennials make up a good portion of my client base.  For all the disregard and disrespect that is heaped on them, I find them to be eager, exciting and enthusiastic clients to work with.

They are hungry for self-development, focused on making the most of their professional careers and willing to learn and experiment with different ways of thinking.  They face the same challenges that all of us do in balancing careers, family and other interests and they are not willing to sacrifice one for the others.  They may be just the generation that “has it all” with the advantages of technology and what we now know about human performance and how to maximize it.

But it is not just the Millennials.  I work with clients in their early 20’s all the way to 70 plus.  Mindset more than anything else determines willingness and ability to grow.  So, let’s drop this generation thing and discover what makes each of us unique and how we can contribute.  Those open to growth will be our new leaders regardless of age.

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