3 Reasons You Are Unaware of Your Superpowers


It is quite possible and happens more often than not, that you are walking around completely unaware of the superpowers you possess.  Yes you!  Take a look under that shirt.  Is there a big red “S” underneath?

Unlike Superman, we do not have a superhero outfit indicating the presence of superpowers.  Many people go through an entire lifetime unaware of the strength that lies within them.  Sometimes by choice, oftentimes by circumstance, the ability to create a totally remarkable life and business lies dormant.

Benjamin Franklin said “There are three things extremely hard:  steel, a diamond, and to know one’s self. ” If we live with ourselves every single moment, even in sleep, why is it so hard to know one’s self?  Here are a few things to consider.

  1. Others’ Recognition – certain things that we do well are praised by others. Parents, teachers and other influencers play an early role in shaping what we value.  Talents are innate, meaning that we are born with them.  However, some of our talents receive greater recognition than others.  Being organized, focused or disciplined can win us praise.  Being able to see both sides of an issue can get us labeled as wishy-washy or unable to make a decision.  The essence of harmony (read the full definition here) is then perceived as a weakness.
  2. Societal Rewards – certain roles are perceived as more valuable or noble than others. Being a doctor, lawyer or corporate leader are images held out by society, including parents and teachers, as being worthy and prestigious.  Concern for our well-being and success as an adult, many of these types of roles are encouraged as we develop.  Consideration for our natural talents takes a backseat and roles such as actor, artist and teacher are discouraged.  The likelihood of success and financial rewards is considered too low for the risk involved.
  3. Self-dismissal/disregard – if we do something and it is easy for us, we disregard its value. If we enjoy doing something, we disregard its value.  The concept of work, what we do for a living, being easy and enjoyable is as foreign to us as a space alien.

So many factors work against us in understanding the value and purpose our lives and work mean to the world.  We are amazed and envious of those who were born knowing their value and what they are here on this earth to do.  We dismiss our ability to find that calling for ourselves.  It is possible, for every one of us.  More importantly it is our duty.  Of even greater importance, it is the key to true, deep happiness.  Will you find yours?

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