What’s your leadership style?

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Do you know your leadership style?

Do you understand why others follow you?

Are you looking to become a leader?


We are all leaders in some form or another

You’ve heard the platitude that we are all leaders in some form or another. If we accept the generality of that statement, then we accept that leadership is a talent that we all possess. Yet is it really that generic?

If we all have the ability to lead, why are some better leaders than others? Or is the question: why are some recognized as leaders and others are not?

The dividing line between leaders and non-leaders

In “Born or Made? Yes!” it was established that all of us have the capability to lead. Whether we choose to or not is the dividing line between leaders and non-leaders. The key to our ability to lead is to understand our strengths.

Through decades of research exploring what makes people successful, Gallup® identified 34 strengths themes. In working with leaders and teams over the years, they noted that certain strengths themes had a similarity to them. Back at the research lab, a statistical factor analysis and clinical evaluation confirmed what Gallup researchers had observed. Thus, the Four Domains of Leadership emerged.

The Four Domains of Leadership

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Your leadership style will be defined by the concentration of your strengths in one of these domains. Do you lead through nurturing and building relationships? Or is the pathway to your success centered on your ability to influence and impact others?

You cannot know nor can you capitalize on your leadership ability until you take the Clifton Strengths® Assessment. For less than the cost of lunch, you can discover your leadership style and use this understanding to take you to the next level.

Curious about how you lead? Contact me for a strengths discovery session and define your leadership style.

The Clifton Strengths ® Assessment and references to each of the 34 theme names are trademarks of Gallup, Inc.

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