Can’t Never Could


“Can’t never could” and other well-known encourager statements exist to remind us that we are more powerful than we imagine. When we lose that bit of edge, “can’t never could” tells us that yes indeed, I can!

Powerful in the moment, you are going to need much more than an encourager statement to get you to that next level.  If you haven’t done something before, you will need to develop in new ways.  How can you build on previous success when you haven’t done something before?

Past successes hold the key to our future.  When facing a new and uncertain path ahead, we have a track record we can rely on.  Oh, you say you don’t?  That is a common reaction.  That up until this point, where an opportunity presents, you’ve had little or no success.  Yep, right.  Take a closer look.

Unless success is recognized in a public way or is something we have strived for and overcome major challenges to achieve, we don’t recognize what we have accomplished.  When we accomplish something, we dismiss it.  Check the box.  Move on.  We don’t pause to look closely enough to understand what contributed to our success.  As a result, we don’t know the tools we already have for that next success.

One of the first things I have new clients do is reflect on their top accomplishments.  It can be a time-consuming exercise only because they have never done it before.  When they stop and look at what they have done, they recognize the power that lies within.  Those utilized but not purposefully tapped talents have been key to their success all along.

What could you accomplish if you recognized and appreciated what you already have?  What resources could you pull from and add to get to that next level?  You have no idea the power that lies within until you take an inventory.

Are you unsure about that next big challenge you face?  Let’s partner and get you to the next level!

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