How do you keep the right talent at the table?

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With the U.S. economy supporting over 167 million workers, unemployment levels are low and stable, averaging between 3.5 and 3.7 percent over the past year. While that’s great for our economy, it strains resources and creates challenges to find, recruit and retain talent.

Strong salary, benefit and signing offers tempt employees to jump ship. Turnover and recruitment are expensive. So, just how do you keep the right talent at the table?

Do you know talent when you see it?

The first step is the ability to see talent. And for most of us, this can be quite a challenging task. What we “see” as talent is usually a similarity or imitation of our own talent. It is difficult to observe another’s behavior that is different or unusual and categorize it as “talent.”

Further confusing matters is the attempt by team members to fit in or adapt to the behavior and work styles offered by leadership. Few individuals allow their own strengths to shine.

The end result? Sitting around your table is a hodge-podge collection of similarly talented people not quite performing to the level expected, with a few outliers who are determined to keep stirring the pot (and in doing so generate some outlandish, yet meaningful insights).

On the periphery, one would hope, are those who have Retired In Place (R.I.P.) content to contribute at the exact same level as the prior week, quarter, year and previous years.

Talent…what talent?

It takes an “I” to see talent.

Significance | CliftonStrengthsAfter a day of offsite team building, a team member raised his hand to say “I want to be the first person from our company in to see a prospective new client. I know the questions to ask and have the communication talent to be able to demonstrate how our company could address their needs.” A hush fell upon the room until the leader shared, “that is exactly the role we had been discussing for you.”

How powerful is it to have a member of your table become so aware of their talent that they literally raise their hand to share how they can contribute? Just as impressive is the leader’s ability to see that talent.

Focus on growth – not just on profits.

This comes from a team, focused on the growth of their team members – not solely on revenue and profitability. This is the output of three consecutive years of team building events that led to one of the most powerful events yet.

And yes, it came from a team that had been tattered by turnover and beset by challenges over the past year. Those that had left the team left behind a more cohesive team focused on the goals of the organization. Moreover, the focus was on the growth of each team member, making the whole greater than any one contributor.

Can you see the talent at your table? The power comes when more and more of your team can see the talent at the table. Capitalize on our strong economy and make your team one of contributors with a Talent at the Table workshop customized for your objectives.

team, table, talentWhat will those objectives be? Increased teamwork…better communication…stronger collaboration? None are mutually exclusive and all can be had by focusing on the talent at the table.

Contact us now to build your best team yet!

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