How to Get Known for Something


“Your reputation precedes you.”  Is this a compliment or a condemnation?  You are known for something.  Or are you?

Reputation is a matter of perception.  You view yourself as a team player that contributes specialized knowledge and experience to the project.  The other ten people in the room also view themselves as team players that contribute specialized knowledge and experience to the project.  Who’s right?  Everyone.  So that means your contributions compete with those of the other experienced experts.   What could differentiate you?  What could you be known for?

This is where knowing your strengths allows you to shine.  Instead of one in ten experts, you now contribute your Strategic™ talents to consider all the possible options, highlight the opportunities and pitfalls, and make the selection of the best path forward easier for all.  Or with your talent in Communication®, the team counts on you to paint the vivid picture of how the implementation of the project will address all your client’s leadership development needs.

What does your reputation say about you now?  That you are a valued contributor that needs to be part of this and every other project your organization undertakes.  Your reputation not only precedes you, it paves the way for you to Become greater.

With 34 different talent themes and a 1 in 33 million chance that someone else has your same top talents, knowledge AND APPLICATION OF your strengths provides you a unique opportunity to build a reputation that ACCELERATES you!

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