The Journey to Mastery: 5 Keys

to mastery

With the recent discussion of mastery in these messages, you need to know about the book of the same title written by George Leonard.  I was first introduced to this little gem of a book and the keys to mastery in 2011 when I took a “master class” on coaching.

In the book, Mr. Leonard identifies the Five Master Keys to Mastery:

  1. Instruction – the coach and other forms of instructions such as reading, video, etc.
  2. Practice – the verb and the noun
  3. Surrender – to the instruction and demands of the discipline and of your own proficiency at times
  4. Intentionality – visualization and holding the vision
  5. The Edge – willingness to challenge previous limits, take a risk for higher performance

Do you hold the keys to Mastery?

Are you ready to unlock your potential and begin the journey?  Follow along for the next few weeks as I share stories and examples of the keys outlined in Mr. Leonard’s book.

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